Keurig sells single cup coffee brewers for both office and home use. These coffee brewers are designed with all of the appropriate safety standards needed for their individual use. Keurig products go through vigorous testing by Underwriters Laboratory, Inc. (UL) with the intention of receiving specific, UL approval for either office or household use.

The two most common approval ratings that UL provides for Keurig coffee makers are “UL Approved for Office Use” and “UL Approved for Household Use”.

If you intend on utilizing a Keurig Coffee Brewer for anything other than your household, it is strongly suggested that companies use “UL Approved for Office Use” coffee brewing equipment – not “Household Use” Keurig brewer products.

Keurig office grade brewers are engineered to stand up to the toughest demands of office use and will naturally undergo higher repeated use. Office grade brewers generally brew about 10 times the volume of a typical household use brewer. Therefore, office rated appliances must be able to accommodate the broad range of electrical service environments that can be experienced in office buildings. (Read: Keurig Models Comparison)

For example, power spikes from the use of other equipment in a building can subject an appliance such as a coffee brewer to high voltage spikes. Therefore, commercially rated appliances must be tested to ensure that they can endure such voltage surges.

Household approved coffee makers, however, are not designed to accommodate a wide range of electrical environments because the average home setting is relatively stable.

Due to the differences in intended use and design between brewers that are “UL Approved for Office Use” and Keurig brewers that are “UL Approved for Household Use”, Keurig does not honor warranties on products used outside of the UL authorized certification. For example, if a household uses a product certified for an office setting it is not covered under the warranty.

For the same reason, the insurance industry also recognizes the difference in products intended for use in a commercial setting and those intended for use in a home. If you knowingly use a product specifically intended for the home in an office or office environment, you may be liable.

The solution is straightforward: if you are brewing single cup coffee using a Keurig Coffee Brewing System in an office setting please use a UL Office Rated Keurig brewer.