Medical marijuana has become legal in more than 30 US states, and there are lots of US residents wanting to get a medical cannabis card.

As everyone is aware of, it is generally not easy to enter an MMJ program and it’s even harder to invest on medical consultations not knowing if you’ll be approved by the doctor to participate your state’s medical marijuana program.

Wanting to help US residents get access to medical marijuana in mind, Veriheal created a complete ecosystem designed to assist them during this journey of getting their card.

From connecting you with a medical marijuana doctor registered in your state’s program to finding you a local marijuana dispensary so that you can buy your medical cannabis, Veriheal has thought about everything.

And the best of all? You have the money back guarantee on your medical marijuana card in case you are not approved by the medical marijuana doctor, so there’s no worry about losing the money you invested.

How To Sign Up Today

Like you’ve seen at the beginning of this article, getting in a medical marijuana program is generally not easy. Well, just generally. With Veriheal the entire process will become easier.

How’s so? First of all, medical marijuana patients must have a doctor’s recommendation in order to enter their state’s program.

However, it is very difficult to find a marijuana doctor in most of the states with medical cannabis program. Or when you find them, they don’t answer any of your calls or treat you poorly.

With that in mind, Veriheal has a team of medical marijuana doctors who operate in these states mentioned above who will recommend you medical marijuana. There are some state’s programs that allow these medical consultations to occur online, and we also offer this option in case you are applying to one of these state’s program.

To schedule a consultation with one of your state’s medical marijuana doctors, you’ll first need to register on our website and then pick the day and the hour of your consultation with them.

Once you attend at the consultation, the doctor will talk to you about any medical conditions you have, answer your questions about a medical marijuana treatment, and in case you are approved he or she will give you a marijuana recommendation. It lasts from 5 to 15 minutes.

With this marijuana recommendation, you’ll be able to apply to your state’s program and receive your medical cannabis card. There are some medical marijuana programs in which you won’t need anything but a marijuana recommendation to purchase medical marijuana.

And what does all this cost? The fee for the medical consultation plus a medical marijuana recommendation, money back guarantee and 24/7 online verification is of $199. In case you and your friend are interested in getting a medical marijuana card, there is a combo package for two marijuana consultations and two marijuana recommendations for $379.

How does this money guarantee work? Know more here.

In case the doctor doesn’t approve you as a medical marijuana patient, you’ll receive a refund in full. Yet, don’t worry. Even if you are not approved by the marijuana, you won’t lose any money. And the best news is that our approval rate is of $99.

Veriheal will assist you during this entire process of getting your medical marijuana card. We are also going to be available to answer any doubts you may have about the process of getting your cannabis card.

You can contact Veriheal by writing us an email or calling our numbers. Veriheal’s contact number is 1-833-663-7284. Feel free to reach any time you have a question.

After getting your medical marijuana card, Veriheal will also help you find a medical marijuana dispensary nearby. In within three minutes, you’ll know where to find a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in your state.

Just enter this page and when you’re in it, either type your location or give permission for our website to locate where you’re at. Once you do it, our website will show you all medical marijuana dispensaries around your location.

But isn’t Google going to show me the same thing? Fortunately, different from Google, we will only show you medical marijuana dispensaries which are offering the best services for their medical marijuana patients.

In case you don’t live in any of the state’s listed above, you can join our waitlist by selecting your resident state and your email and sending to us. As soon as we are operating in your state, we will let you know.

For more information about marijuana and the process of getting your cannabis card, read more on our website.…